Roz & Gaston’s Wedding – Monkey Valley Venue | Noordhoek, Cape Town

Roz & Gaston’s Wedding – Monkey Valley Venue | Noordhoek, Cape Town

Roz & Gaston’s Wedding – Monkey Valley Venue

Noordhoek, Cape Town

I’ve always loved music; there’s just something effervescent about the way it makes a person feel and come alive. ‘It’s poetry to melody’, I would say. I’ve tried to explain to other creatives that I see music in colours. Naturally, “rockstar” status was the ultimate. Now my poetry is visual, and my instrument is my lens. Still, this dream became a reality when I photographed Ros & Gaston.  

Ros getting ready for her wedding day
Ros being photographed for her wedding - putting on perfume
Ros getting ready at Craxton Manor in Constantia - the dressing room - before her wedding.
Ros, the bride, with her colourful wedding bouquet

Craxton Manor in Constantia was the dressing room, with the magnificent Monkey Valley in Noordhoek being the glorious stage. Both these locations make a wedding photographer’s life a breeze. Easily accessible from all parts of Cape Town, each venue offers picturesque backdrops for the vibrant couple. Constantia and Noordhoek carry a reputation for being beautiful – and oh how they showed off on this special day.

Bride and Groom posing together in the garden of Monkey Valley Venue
A close up shot of the Groom's suit and Boutonniere
The bride & groom walking casually away from the Monkey Valley Venue Chapel

Gaston, my groom, and I met 10 years ago as my music production course lecturer. All these years later, I had the privilege of capturing his special day with his remarkable bride, Ros. What a festival she is – beautiful inside and out. They were so easy to shoot – whimsical and free, yet stunningly peaceful. Shooting a wedding with a couple who are confident in who they are means I can craft poetically with my lens, bouncing light off soft pastels against the hues of the day.

What I love about Ros and Gaston is their unapologetic authenticity. Their steadfastness delicately filters through each photo and the radiance that you witness displays a life bathed in love.

Despite having to postpone on several occasions due to covid – we finally got to make ‘music’. Thank you to these two for gifting me with your story.

Bride and her bridesmaid pose with their bouquets, looking at each other
Wedding couple standing in the arch of the chapel at Monkey Valley Venue in Noordhoek.
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