Wedding Photography – Rochelle & PJ get Hitched!

Wedding Photography – Rochelle & PJ get Hitched!

Wedding photos capture a time that you would never want to forget.

It’s about capturing that magical moment and giving it life after its gone.
This is a Wedding shoot of Peter John and Rochelle.

We know PJ & Rochelle from a while back when Greg & Alexa made a Fashion shoot for Rochelle’s collection. They liked it so much that we did their Pre Wedding shoot and now the big day arrived and we went off to their wedding location. It was the 3 of us, Greg, Alexa and Nikita capturing all the most important moments of the bride, groom ceremony and of course the celebration.

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  1. Rochelle du Plessis

    Beautiful! You guys are doing such amazing work. Talented beings.
    Rochelle & P-J

    1. Greg Liss

      Thanks Rochelle! Hope you love-birds are doing well. More pics coming up on the blog soon

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