Jenny & Sam’s Big Day

Jenny & Sam’s Big Day

This proved to be a perfect day held at South Hill, Elgin. With both the ceremony & reception taking place on the same premises making for a very relaxed naturally flowing day. With a venue that has dams and vineyards, it’s hard to go wrong with pictures. Their ceremony took place under the shade of a beautiful tree and then moved under a marquee for the delightful reception. Flash Poets also provided extra fun with a Photo Booth which inspired even more excitement to an already amazing celebration.

Jenny & Sam’s Wedding Photography

I enjoy capturing life changing moments in still frames that can be admired forever. Wedding photography is much different than traditional photography due to the importance of the occasion. On this day, Sam and Jenny pledged their lives to each other as I captured on film the pure joy and excitement that was palpable. This Cape Town wedding was the perfect occasion for me to experience with contrasting colors and black and white photography. The venue was beautiful and serene, which is distinguishable in the countless photos that I obtained throughout the ceremony.

A photo booth is perfect for the guests to enjoy, but wedding photography requires capturing the view at the right exact moment. This creates breathtaking photos that are realistic and perfectly capture the mood and celebration. I was able to take photos during the ceremony and the reception. This allowed me to capture the entire scenic view that wasn’t at this discrete venue. Sam and Jenny were playful and loving in all of their photographs together, which shows their true love and bond that can be seen in every picture. I enjoy wedding photography and look forward to capturing more stills from upcoming occasions.

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