The Creative Portrait Winner (Round 1)

The Creative Portrait Winner (Round 1)

Congrats to Our Round 1 Winner of the Creative Portrait Competition – Nathan Gernetzky, portrait titled “Life’s Highs & Lows

Besides the Creative Portrait that Nathan won during the Round 1 of our portrait giveaway, he and his lovely wife Jo also had a few portrait shots done. Shot all in studio, this amazing couple were super fun to photograph and was happy to capture some beautiful pics.

See the interview and the Creative Portrait (Read More Here)


This photo was created entirely in camera without the use of Photoshop to manipulate to get the effect.

Nathan has had his share of highs and lows in life and has come out stronger on the other side. This portrait tries to capture a little of that – what a champ, you my hero!

Flash Poets caught up with Nathan for an interview and  asked a few questions…

Q:  Where did you find out about Flash Poets?
A:  I heard about Flash Poets through friends and then was at a wedding where FP were doing a cool photo booth.

Q:  What’s unique about Flash Poets style?
A:  Young, relevant photographer with the ability to bring out real human emotions through the pics.

Q:  What did you think when you were announced as the winner?
A:  Ha! I was stoked!

Q:  Do you feel the portrait captured something of who you are? If so, how?
A:  Yes, the last few years have had huge highs and lows, this portrait gets the image in the moment. The double exposure chapters both seasons of life.

Q:  Would you use Flash Poets in the future?
A:  For sure!


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Flash Poets - Nathan's Creative Portrait



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