Trudie’s 40th Celebration

Trudie’s 40th Celebration

Another great party, another fun PhotoBooth.



Captivating memories of Trudies 40th

A celebration usually equals special people having great fun. Take Trudy’s 40th for instance. It was a fantastic party! You may call it picture perfect fun in the picture perfect city of Cape Town.

People want the fun to linger long after the party is over. Celebrations should last forever. Unfortunately they do not. Memories do.

Clear, colorful pictures make great memories. Capturing memories is what Flash Poets are all about. With a little help from a photo booth, our cameras boldly entered, saw and captured. It captured the moment, the fun and the poetry of the occasion. Trudie and her guests now have captivating memories to last a lifetime.

Flash Poets always strive to create poetry with their camera lenses. We are proud of our art. We want every picture to speak for itself.

We know a lot about the powerful kiss of a camera flash. It hides nothing. It captures the soul of the moment. That is why we take special care to make that happen.

Our PhotoBooth kept flashing as the night went on. The guests enjoyed themselves. Many of them could not wait to get in there. It was not just another photo booth. It was part of the fun.

The time flew by far too quickly. Ahh, Trudies 40th. What a party! I can say with a smile on my face: we were there and we have fantastic pictures to prove it.

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