Woodheads Leather Dress Fashion Shoot

Woodheads Leather Dress Fashion Shoot

The Cape Town leather business ‘Woodheads‘ commissioned international Fashion Designer Alexa Liss to create a totally leather garment for the celebration of ‘2014 Cape Town Design Capital’. Flash Poets was asked to capture the piece of art with beautiful model Louise Brooklyn Ferreira.



Alexa Liss Fashion Shoot for Woodheads and the “CapeTown 2014 – Live, Design, Transform Life”
Cape Town is going to be the World Design Capital in 2014. This is Big News for anyone who knows anything about design, fashion or anything related to the creative field. I was told that South Africa Actaully won a bid to have this title, it is like having the FIFA World Cup hosted in SA in 2010 but from the design perspective.

As many of you know reading this, the infamous Alexa Liss is also Greg Liss the Photographer’s wife, and so we as Flash Poets got the first dibs on her complete dress for the leather company Woodheads. The Whole Dress is matched to fit in with the colors of the 2014 Design  Capital which are Yellow and Black, and to compliment the W.H. theme; it is made completely out of 100% leather.

Our Beautiful model, Louise was perfect for the role. and we headed out to the End of the World Bridge, or simply the bridge that was never finished. A great Location to take some photos with the City of Cape Town in the Background. Just an FYI note: Even though I believe that the bridge was intentionally built as a movie prop for a car to be driven off it, the actual story , I am told, is that if it were to be completed, the amount of pollution the cars would add to the atmosphere in that point, would raise the temperature in CT by 6 degrees, which in my opinion is not such a bad thing in the winter. – however Could be wrong, and feel free to comment with your opinion below.


And this is where I come in, Nikita.
Picture the scene; Sun is Shining, Perfect Setting, Camera, Professional Photographer, International Fashion Designer, Beautiful Model… and Me. Yes that is right I held the reflector, without me, there would be an excessive amount of shadow!
At least I get to post a Guest Blog for Flash Poets here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Author: Nikita Gaidouk

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