Cyborg Fashion Shoot

Cyborg Fashion Shoot

Cyborg Fashion Shoot for a CPUT Fashion Student Fabian Ah.Sing.

Fabian had made an enquiry with Flash Poets to shoot his latest range inspired by Nano Technology. He wanted us to photograph his fashion collection of 5 garments in a grungy, yet futuristic setting. Additionally he specially requested som extra editing to make his model really fashionable and match his look, to make her into a Cyborg.

We set out to accomplish this goal! Alexa has long ago seen a spot that resembled a grungy, futuristic look. This location was a tunnel under one of the roads leading to Cape Town City Centre. With our camera equipment packed, we arrived at the spot with tripods and remote flashes. The Beautiful Model arrived with Fabian, as also did the make up artist. We were ready to shoot.

The Shoot was going great, we could experiment with the lighting before hand and got some creative effects. Sometimes pedestrians would pass by the spot and start a brief conversation, Cyclist passing by as also A couple with a big dog – putting on hold the whole shoot for a few minutes.

There is only one thing left to do and that is to dump all the photos on the Mac and start the editing and graphic design process. Nikita stood up to the challenge and worked some photoshop magic to make these images electric, and I mean it in a quite literal way. Greg added the color grading and the final result can out quite good, if I may so myself.

The Cyborg Fashion shoot went really well.

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