Dance for Natalie Fundraiser

Dance for Natalie Fundraiser

Natalies Story:

Natalie (13 years old) was diagnosed with a very rare form of spinal cancer called Chordoma at the beginning of 2011 when she was just 10.

There was no medical help for her in South Africa, so the family went to Boston for treatment for Natalie where she had several surgeries. The top line of her story is that they removed almost half of her thorasic spine. Natalie was seen as a medical miracle and the family returned to South Africa in October 2011.

Unfortunately, everything went south in April 2012. The family went back to Boston where Natalie had further surgery, however, the fantastic doctors at Mass General Hospital were not able to clear all the tumor. Since August last year, Natalie has been in palliative care, which is care for comfort and not for a cure.

Natalie has a phenomenal ability to overcome immense obstacles despite her limitations. She has inspired an active and diverse global network of people who hold her with love in their hearts. She has changed many lives and has inspired so many to live their lives with compassionate joy.

To learn more about her story, there is an awesome website which you can visit – www.nataliescircleoflove.org

Flash Poets had the privilege to contribute in a small way at the fundraiser held at Zula Bar involving family and friends and whole lot of dancing!

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  1. Antoinette Pugh

    It was an awesome event. When is the next one ?

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