Natalie Woodman based in London is a Neuro Physiotherapist. What is Neuro physio you ask?

Neuro physio programs aim to facilitate new brain pathway connections through repetitive movements patterns and sequences. Neurological physiotherapy is the treatment of individuals who have neurological impairments, for example traumatic brain injury or stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury or Parkinson’s disease.

Natalie does amazing work that changes people lives. These photos demonstrate some posing techniques that enhance clients quality of living. Well done for making such a positive change!

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I’ve had the delight of shooting for Turkish Airlines on a number of occasions, and their Golf Days are always a ton of fun. Sunlight, laughs, a world class golf course and an awesome prize up for grabs! Once again the stunning Val de Vie supplied the perfectly manicured fairways that facilitated this TA context. The prize… A business class flight to Turkey to play in the grand annual golf contest, and a wonderful getaway all paid for. Tracey from Trunk Event organized the day where every detail was planned perfectly.

It’s always awesome to be apart of an event that has a powerful message like this. Living a full life with a healthy heart. Key to that full life is a good diet and regular exercise. I grew up as tall skinny guy, but after turning thirty a few years back I noticed my body changing. Rock hard abs retreating under a little tummy, losing my breath quicker from a run and even some aches from a previous days surf. Those are symptoms we can see and feel, but unfortunately its harder to see the effects that an unhealthy diet or lack of exercise has on our heart. So I now try exercise 3 times a week and thanks to my thoughtful wife have included daily fruit, vegetables and salads into my diet and know my heart is happier. Maybe consider some small changes you can do to make your heart happier.

Here is a really great site with wonderful meal suggestions and recipes to get you going down the road of tasty healthy food… Cooking From The Heart

Enjoy the photos below, taken at the Cape Town V&A Waterfront


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hug your heart event
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#hugyourheart event
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Hug Your Heart Dab
Charlies Angels
V&A Selfie
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V&A Waterfront
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