Photography and Poetry are quite alike. Whether with ink or camera lens, both have the power to turn back time and make us pause, feel, smile and transform a scene from ordinary life to extraordinary.

Greg Liss, Flash Poets
Owned by Greg Liss. Based in the glorious city of Cape Town.

About us and what we believe:

I started Flash Poets in 2012 and feel very fortunate to be doing what I love full time. I studied at Orms Cape Town School of Photography where I lecture part-time now sharing my love and passion for photography with others. I’m an extrovert and love making people laugh (while taking a photo of it!).

Flash Poets believe in beauty, and the thrill of seeking it out in every scene. Our aim is to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera so we can capture those fleeting authentic moments, saving them as a memory to enjoy for years to come.

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